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Explore the brands behind the beers that will be showcased at Porirua Rocks!

Breweries from all over Aotearoa will be joining us, as Porirua becomes the center of the beer world for 1 day.


We are Porirua’s very own microbrewery, set in the heart of the beautiful Titahi Bay. Our brewpub is a meeting point and a social hub for people from all walks of life, and we want our beers to reflect that. From sessionable Lagers like the old man drank, to smashable pale ales made for the beach. We want to show that beer and community go hand in hand. Better communities through better beer. We’re brewing for the future.

The Beer Engine
Abandoned Brewry


It was a dream abandoned in a place joy forgot. Among the cobwebs and grime in an old factory in Epuni, Lower Hutt were the remnants of a brewery left for dead. A hapless experiment, an abandoned jumble of mismatched parts, the broken bones of a brewery lay forgotten. Brought back to life but this time done right. Abandoned Brewery, a true micro-brewery with a never-say-die attitude and a deep belief in the craft, an arsenal of ideas and calm amongst the chaos…this monster lives.


Beer Bogans from Upper Hutt. 

Welcome to where things hit a bit different. 
A place where we have a crack, have a laugh and give it heaps. 

Invisible Agency


Allow us to introduce ourselves…We are The Invisible Agency – a boutique beverage agency based in Wellington, New Zealand. We work all over the country from the Northiest North, to the Southiest South. We may be small, but we are mighty. When The Invisible Agency comes knocking, we bring with us a vast collection of Wines, Beers, Ciders, and everything in between.

We’re the Invisible connection between great people and great products. The Invisible Agency – purveyors of Fine Hooch since 2009 and we have no intentions of stopping now.


Eddyline Brewery in Nelson is a kiwi 100% family owned independent brewery. We are a sustainable, all-electric brewery with the largest solar installation of any craft brewery, have pioneered water saving techniques, and are the first NZ brewery to operate solely on our own recaptured CO2! Sustainability is great but the beer has to be amazing as well and we have NZ’s best West Coast IPA (TED: 2022 Malthouse WCIPA challenge winner), and were the 2nd best beer in beerhug’s recent competition (CrankYanker IPA). Fun, tasty, authentic, and sustainable! What more could a thirsty beer lover want?

Eddyline Brewery
Imgaination Gin


Our distillery is nestled in the bush, down a gravel drive, off a single lane road, in the Reikorangi Valley, Kāpiti Coast, Aotearoa New Zealand. It’s the place where New Zealand’s trail-blazing craft brewery, Tuatara, was born and so there’s a real sense of ‘something in the air’ around the place. Spiritual even.

We capture rainwater – hundreds of thousands of litres – on site which we charcoal filter for the production of our gin – it creates an unmistakably pure taste experience. We distill in an eight plate fractionating still using local produce wherever we possibly can. The rest is secret…


Dean and Kerry were just regular people until 2018 when they decided to throw caution to the wind. Now they run Mean Doses and make very good beers. Flyin’ away on a wing and a prayer… who could it be? Believe it or not, it’s just Deeean (and Kerry).

Mean Doses
Choice Bros Brewery


Choice Bros is a small brewery in the heart of Wellington, New Zealand, focused on brewing modern styles using experimental techniques and fun ingredients to create bold flavour experiences inspired by the music that we listen to.


Garage Project was started in 2011 by Pete Gillespie and Jos Ruffell, with help from Pete’s brother Ian. As the name would suggest – we started small, but what we lacked in size we more than made up for in agility and the ability to experiment. That suited us. Fast forward 11 years and hundreds of beers later, we still keep that experimental spirit alive. We’re here to push boundaries, reinterpret styles and challenge the notion of what beer can be. To try something new.

Garage Project
Duncan's Brewing


Duncan’s is an independently owned, and award winning microbrewery located on the Kāpiti Coast, New Zealand. We like to play with new style beers, and we love sending it with big fruity and creative brews.


Fortune Favours Brewery, kicking off in 2016, isn’t just about beer; it’s a brand born from audacity and, dare we say, a touch of liquid luck. Hailing from Wellington Fortune Favours is on a mission to make exceptional beer your constant companion. Because, really, who wouldn’t want a trusty brew for life’s adventures? Cheers to boldness, brilliance, and the beer that’s always got your back!

Fortune Favours
The Supply Room


Discover the charm of Supply Room at 105 Mana Esplanade, where our restaurant and craft bar offer a unique setting just across the train tracks from the ocean. Nestled amidst breathtaking views, indulge in a menu crafted with passion and precision, celebrating the best of local flavors. As more than just a restaurant, we’re a hub of entertainment and community. Our spacious venue boasts fantastic areas for functions, ensuring every celebration is memorable. Groove to live music, enhancing your dining experience with the perfect soundtrack. Join us for coastal vibes, fantastic flavors, and a good time!


At North End we believe there are no shortcuts to any place worth going. We like to brew things the hard way. The old ways. It’s traditional European brewing with a natural twist, foraged locally. Our beers connect you to Waikanae’s wild bounty and to the wisdom of the ages. It’s all a bit mad. But good mad. Which we’re proud of and North End fans have come to know and cherish the difference it makes.

North End Brewery





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This event is a licensed R18+ event.


Porirua Rocks!

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